Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Our fuel cell compressors are designed for supplying air to the cathode side of a fuel cell stack.

In fact, there are many names for this vital fuel cell stack component: air or cathode pump, blower, compressor and supply are all synonyms used to describe these products.

Yes, because of our traction drive design, the Rotrex fuel cell compressor can operate at any point for any desired period. It is important that the fuel cell compressor can deliver maximum power for longer durations, handling incline, takeoff and other high-power situations. 

In fact, lifetime testing at Rotrex is performed at maximum load continuously. 

Yes, our electrical compressors are not limited to be used in fuel cell applications. 

Suitable for vacuum as well as pressurized applications, delivering a steady, non-pulsing airflow, our compressors are highly versatile, compact and reliable.

Yes. The motor, traction drive lubrication system and automotive motor controller are all liquid cooled, and require an external cooling circuit.

Yes. At least 300VDC is required to enable full speed, it mainly depends on the chosen model.

All models can be ordered with an Industrial motor controller, enabling the unit to be used in a setup supplied by the electrical grid.

Yes, to exploit the very high aerodynamic efficiency the centrifugal compressor needs to be operated at a certain pressure ratio. Rotrex offer custom impeller designs to match virtually any application. 

On the left side of the map is the surge line, here the compressor cannot be operated. 

On the right side, the compressor has lower than 50% aerodynamic efficiency and is operating in choke. 

Pressure Ratio (or PR for short) is the difference between inlet and outlet pressure. This is to accommodate operation if a vacuum is created on the inlet side of the compressor.

The outlet gauge pressure is calculated by multiplying the inlet absolute pressure with the PR.

The compressor unit comes together with an inverter, cables and connectors. The EC-series also includes an oil kit and an optional plate heat exchanger. The delivery is tested as a set prior to shipment. All you need to add, is a power source and a cooling system.

Yes, the output pipe can turn freely 360°, the compressor can be mounted +/-15° from vertical, but has to accommodate variations in vehicle orientation during operation.

Yes. The fuel cell air compressor delivers a linear, non-pulsing and completely oil-free air stream.

There are no limitations in parallel operation, however it is not possible to put multiple units in series to gain higher output pressures.

Our standard range of impellers are very efficient, but yes – especially at higher pressure ratios, the temperature rise can be significant. Typically the temperature is exceeding 100°C, this can be calculated from the efficiency written on the flow maps.

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