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Support and consulting


Before purchase

The Rotrex team provides world class technical consulting, ensuring the right product is selected for your application.

Rotrex encourage the use of mutual NDA’s to protect IP etc. 

Contact the Rotrex Support team today with your enquiry. 

During purchase

The Rotrex Sales and Handling team is ready for your request. 

Rotrex is a dynamic company allowing us to meet your requirements with high flexibility, supporting both large or small batch series requirements.

After purchase

Rotrex provides all the necessary documentation, including CAD models and communication protocols etc. 

In case you need additional assistance, do not hesitate to contact the Rotrex Support team

Rotrex offers custom-made supercharger head units and air trims as stand-alone mechanical compressors or in combination with an e-charger.

Rotrex is involved in several projects with customers and OEM partners utilizing custom solutions such as fuel cell systems, high performance cars,  industrial waste heat recovery applications.

Rotrex has in-house development, machining, prototype and test capabilities. Every new design and development is tested using our in-house SAE flow-rigs and highly specialized DC-test rigs. 

Please contact our support team with inquiries.

Contact us.

Contact us.

Meet us at Hydrogen EXPO - Bremen

We look forward to meeting you at our Rotrex booth 5F90 in Hall 5 in Bremen on September 27th and 28th.