Fuel Cell Compressors

Key to the Rotrex supercharger’s unique compactness, efficiency, low noise and reliability is its state of the art traction drive technology. Great speeds and low noise are just some of the advantages of traction drives over traditional gear transmissions. Traction drives transmit power through friction forces between its rolling elements.


The EK series is our most compact electrical compressors. These units are fully integrated units with built-in motor, traction drive, lubrication and coolant systems. A suitable motor controller is supplied with the unit. The only external requirement is a liquid coolant system. 


13kW fuel cell compressor unit suitable as cathode air supply for fuel cell stacks of 20-100kW operated on 200-800VDC


40kW fuel cell compressor unit suitable as cathode air supply for fuel cell stacks of 100-400kW operated on 200-800VDC


The EC series are modular systems, consisting of a C-type supercharger combined with an e-motor. An oil reservoir and heat exchanger is supplied with the unit along with a suitable motor controller. The EC series are built as lab-test equipment for proof of concept tests etc.


17kW fuel cell compressor unit suitable as lab-test air supply for fuel cell stacks of 75-100kW


35kW fuel cell compressor unit suitable as lab-test air supply for fuel cell stacks of 120-300kW.


59kW fuel cell compressor unit suitable as lab-test air supply for fuel cell stacks of 180-500kW

* Preliminary design in development – will soon be available. Contact us for more details.

** The maximum available speed is highly dependant on the supply voltage.

Compressor maps

All compressor maps are produced in-house with our SAE flow rig.  

Custom-made Fuel Cell Compressors

Besides our standard compressors, we also have the possibility to develop custom-made compressors to suit your specific demands. Development includes tailored compressor geometry design, to optimize performance and efficiency for your project. 

Contact us if you are interested in more information about this possibility.


About Fuel Cell Compressors

Rotrex was one of the pioneers in the development of air compressors for fuel cell systems and close corporation with some of largest fuel cell producers has resulted in class leading and cost effective solutions. 

The first systems were introduced to the market more than 10 years ago and since then Rotrex fuel cell compressors are used globally in many type of industries. 

All critical components are produced in Denmark in state of the art facilities, where assembly, testing and final quality inspections also takes place.

Key benefits of our traction drive design

The compressors are based on our patented high speed traction drive, which is spinning a high efficient centrifugal compressor. The result is a class leading air compressor, that offers unmatched reliability. 


The EK10AA is a unique fuel cell compressor combining the best of both worlds. It includes our proven traction drive to achieve unmatched impeller speeds (contineously), connected to a robust low-speed 13kW PMSM motor. The integrated lubrication circuit ensures ideal conditions for rotating elements, resulting  in outstanding lifetime properties. 

The EK10AA is available in multiple configurations:

  • PT54 air trim for high pressure applications
  • PT57 air trim for high flow applications
  • Multiple motor controller options are available (mobile or industrial type)


The Rotrex EK40AA the most powerfull fuel cell compressor on the market, designed specifically for heavy-duty applications and high power fuel cell stacks. With its capacity, it can support fuel cell applications up to 400kW. 

The e-motor is an integrated, low-speed PMSM, with outstanding durability and resistance towards shock/vibrations along with excellent start-stop properties. 

A unique feature of the EK40AA is its modular setup, allowing for different configurations to suit each project.  Modular design to enables:

  • Single stage, high flow – high pressure
  • Dual stage, medium flow, ultra-high pressure
  • Singe stage + turbine for recuperation
  • Multible air trims for multiple flow and pressure ratios

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